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Description of ChocoLand 🍫 Chocolate Chef - Idle Cash Clicker

Have you ever wished to build your own chocolate business!? Take a trip to the delicious world of Choco Land in an entertaining adventure!

You are the owner of a little chocolates shop who has the dream of building a big chocolate empire one day: Choco Land.

It is a pretty business and a funny incremental game though you know that you will need patience and engagement to run your factory. Every coin is important - specially at the beginning.

Time and dedication is an extra that you need if you are willing to make your dreams come true. Only the eager ones will be able to upgrade their business and earn money quicker.

Choco Land is your dream. Do not forget it.

Start the competition and become a tycoon...

Choco Land is a delicious adventure for kids full of surprises: get more money to unlock funny upgrades and find new and mysterious features which will pop up while you are playing and win extra points by clicking!

You will need to deal with lots of entertaining chocolate stuff and it will get harder and harder as soon as you reach the next level: This is one of the most comprehensive clicker games of the market!

Make your chocolate factory with different type of candies and grow as much as you can! Be the tycoon and become rich building your own chocolate shop empire in the best incremental idle game.


It is very intuitive to play this funny idle game. You click on the chocolates to get more money and unlock new features that will help you to produce more chocolate, get more money and a better score on this clicker game.

Play with your friends and break records. Start now with your own shop!

Do not forget to share your results of your games in Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Good luck!

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Twitter: @LabCave


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